There’s major changes going on at zoos all over the world. As global warming chases animals out of their natural habitats, more zoos are looking to care for new animals they never before featured. This means making major adjustments and renovations to zoos who may not be equipped to take on additional animals or certain species based on its living needs. Learn more about zoo reform with these blogs and articles that are tackling the issue head on.

Blogs About Zoo Reform

Why are zoos so behind the times? Because they cater to the public. Unlike animal sanctuaries, who put the animal’s welfare first, most zoos place the public and displays in which the animals entertain over the animal’s needs. Learn about zoo reform from articles on these blogs and websites.

  1. The Zoo Evaluator : This is the one-stop shop for zoo reform information that will get you thinking seriously about the changes that need to be made for the sake of the animals.
  2. Born Free : An inspiring site that shows there is progress being made in the world of zoo reform, even if it is happening slowly. This site examines how to reform zoos while keeping the image of the conventional zoo up for the public.
  3. AL Vic Zoo Watch : This blog is on zoo watch to make sure zoos are keeping up their ends of the bargain. The organization continues to protest and work towards zoo reform worldwide.
  4. Help Elephants : This site is devoted to helping elephants in need at zoos, circus and other performance places where animals are commonly mistreated. It also discusses the common issues with elephants, primarily at the LA zoo.
  5. 11 Tigers Starved to Death in Sheyang Zoo : If you think situations like this occur only in China, you’re sadly mistaken. Learn about an incident in 2010 that is part of an ongoing investigation of this zoo.
  6. LA Times – Zoo Reform Plan Includes Ape Exhibit : This article dated 1995 shows just how long the battle for zoo reform has been going on. It discusses the money spent on certain projects and how effective the plan will be.
  7. San Francisco Zoo Incident Rekindles Zoo Reform : The zoo has been criticized for poor management for several years and the recent antics that have gone on are just one reason zoo reform is needed now.
  8. San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attacks Released : A look at what happens when a zoo isn’t properly managed. Not only are animals put in danger, but so is the public, which can have deadly results.
  9. Zoo Welfare Reform New Zealand : Here’s a list of the practical laws being put in place in New Zealand to improve zoo conditions. It involves budget and ethics reform.
  10. Rescue San Francisco Zoo : The ongoing problems at the San Francisco zoo are well-know, which is why this website was formed to get the public informed and involved in the debate on what to do in order to improve the grounds and conditions for animals.
  11. Zoo Deaths Likely Caused Negligence : More insight on zoos thar are over budget, yet not properly training (or screening) employees to care for the exotic animals they work with on a daily basis. It’s no wonder so many animals are unnecessarily dying.
  12. The Reality of Zoos : Zoos are no longer the happy place you remember from your childhood. They’re now rundown and seldom properly funded by the city, resulting in poor living conditions for the animals. Learn more about the standard zoo today at this site.
  13. Zoo Check Canada : This is an organized site that’s easy to navigate and proves that zoo reform can be accomplished with ambition and people continuously supporting the cause.

Blogs and Articles on the Laws of Zoo Reform

Like any reformation, those looking for zoo reform are met with red tape and the runaround. Here’s the scoop on what’s going on when it comes to the legalese of zoo reform.

  1. National Post – Zoo Industry Needs Reform : This is a fantastic article that explains why zoo reform is taking so long to happen. It’s all about the all mighty dollar and changing the image of animals for the public.
  2. Care 2 – Zoo Reform: Check out this blog for brilliant articles on zoo reform. It most recently covered zoo reform at the San Francisco zoo.
  3. Animal Resources : What transgenic animal progress is being made at a major cancer center in America? Read all about here and find out why the practice is beneficial for research of many diseases.
  4. Voice for Animals : This Canadian site is devoted to helping animals around the world. Check the right hand column for recent updates on zoo reform.
  5. Kids Save Lucy : Lucy is a female elephant being held in a very small space at the Edmonton zoo. Despite several setbacks, Lucy’s supporters continue to fight the system to have her released.
  6. International Primate Protection League : The IPPL is one of the most successful not for profit agencies that has made serious reform in the lives of zoo animals. They are setting the standard for how modern zoos should operate.
  7. Born Free USA : The USA branch of this organization is making major headway for rescuing animals from various zoos that aren’t fit to keep them. There are many petitions and tips for those wanting to get involved in zoo reform.
  8. Friends of Captive Animals : This blog takes on a more radical approach to zoo reform and discusses why many exotic animals are not fit to be trained to live in captivity. It is packed with information on what animals endure and what researches say they need to survive.
  9. Keep It Wild : This Canadian site aims to educate children about wildlife and their needs, so they don’t see them for entertainment purposes. The site is a great example for programs that can be implemented to educate our kids in a way that will make them compassionate.
  10. In Defense of Animals : At this blog you’ll get the most up-to-date information on zoo reform and animal protection. It’s always on top of the latest animal preservation news and updates often.
  11. Animal Education : This site is aimed at education elementary-aged school children to show them what animals need and are accustomed to in their natural habitats. A great resource for teachers and educators.

Zoo reform is an issue that needs to be addressed on a grand scale soon. Zoos are overpopulated, understaffed and under equipped to deal with the issues they encounter daily. It’s due time legislation is passed that raises the standards or puts limits on how public zoos are managed.