As many already know, the obesity epidemic is growing in movement and in patients. However, what many don’t know is that it is also spreading to the pet population. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, there are 84 million overweight or obese cats and dogs in the United States, and the number shows no signs of stopping or slowing.

With obesity linked to diabetes, cancer, and loads of other illnesses in pets, an obese dog or cat can be at great risk. To help understand and combat pet obesity, we have collected the below 25 tips and tricks to help your pets slim down. They include blog entries, expert articles, and even what actual pet owners themselves have done to help combat the obesity epidemic.

Diet Tips and Tricks to Help Your Pets Slim Down

  1. Cat Food Nutrition Calculator Based on “The Cornell Book of Cats,” this calculator was developed with the obese cat in mind and any owner looking to reverse or prevent it. Simply type in the percentage of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, and ash from your pet food to get the calories per 100 grams and ounce per food. Although not meant to diagnose or treat, it can be a great use for owners to know what they are actually feeding their cats.
  2. Dog Food Calculator With the other kind of furry friend in mind, the experts at Dog Food Advisor can help you estimate the proper serving size for your pet. Simply enter your dog’s ideal weight, activity level, and food calories per serving to get results. You can also get loads of dog food reviews and other tips for weight loss.
  3. The Overweight Pet Because pets don’t sport a waste size like humans, it can be harder to spot an overweight dog or cat. However, with the help of this guide from PetMD, you can learn how to identify and assist your overweight pet. They also discuss the types of “eaters” in pets and how to modify their diets.
  4. Counting Calories in Diet Pet Food Tara Parker-Pope often examines health issues for people in her blog for “The New York Times.” However in this entry, she delves into the world of pet food, particularly diet pet food. She writes about a study done on 93 commercial pet foods that included 44 dog foods and 49 cat foods with surprising results.
  5. Dog Food Secrets P. Burns of Terrierman’s Daily Dose is a popular blogger and lover of working terriers, dogs, natural history, hunting, and the environment. In this blog post, he examines many of the myths and facts surrounding pet food. The blogger also discusses the Wolf Diet for dogs.
  6. Mealtime Tips for Cutting Back The Woof Report brings visitors pet advice, care tips, news , products, and more, with mostly the dog lover in mind. In this entry, they take on simple tips for cutting back on your pet’s food. They include portion control, snacks, veggies, and other tips to keep your pet slim.
  7. The Pet Food Report Get a consumer’s guide to pet food here. They feature key content on the ingredients in food, product names and labels, regulation, and even proper nutrition. Visit to get answers on complete and balanced meals and even the difference between dog and cat food.
  8. Dog Meal Plan Just like people on a diet, pets can also benefit from a meal planner. Much like a calendar of what to eat, this is a representation of a sample menu for dogs from Posh Nosh. Use the template to substitute your own meal plan for your dog or cat.

Exercise Tips and Tricks to Help Your Pets Slim Down

  1. Tips on Exercising Your Pet Although Endsleigh has tons of articles on every kind of subject, this brief one gives tips on how to exercise your pet. There are tips for both dogs and cats. You can also find many related links.
  2. Cat Exercise Needs Because cats are different than dogs, check out this entry from Way of Cats Blog. It includes many myths and misconceptions surrounding cat fitness. They also offer many other tips and tricks for pet owners.
  3. Winter Health and Safety Tips for the Green Dog If getting outside and active is a problem, stop here. Raise a Green Dog is a blog that shows owners how to have a healthier, happier pup, and environment. They include tips for what to do to get your pets ready for outdoor activity in snow, ice, and more.
  4. Walk On! The Staff at Pet Connections includes a pet veterinarian and many other animal lovers. Dr. Becker tells readers why it is so important that dogs get outside and move in this entry. There are also many other useful articles here.
  5. g> Weight Management for Dogs Visit here to get the top 21 Dog Walks in Britain. However, those who don’t live in the area can still get valuable tips on why and how to walk your dog. They even offer this section solely for how to do weight management.
  6. Go Pro Did you know that many professional dog walkers can also offer exercise services? Using the guide from Dog on Fitness located in Maryland and Virginia, you can check out some of the services they offer. Also a good choice for the DIY owner who isn’t afraid to take pet fitness into their own hands.
  7. Jog a Dog This maker of dog fitness products contains an FAQ on many of the issues surrounding pet health. Simply visit to read about what a Jog a Dog is and how to utilize your own treadmill for pet exercise.

Other Tips and Tricks to Help Your Pets Slim Down

  1. Pet Weight Loss Erin Paquette is the DC Pet Care Examiner. With a special interest in rescuing strays, she specializes in making pets their best, no matter where they came from. In this blog entry, she shares easy and simple tips for pet weight loss.
  2. Pet Weight Loss Teaches How to Avoid Obesity Pawfun is a blog that helps you make the most out of your time together with your pet(s). For this piece, they interview Dr. Grace Long, director of veterinary technical marketing for Purina PetCare, to find out more about how to keep pets at a healthy weight. Questions answered include the right amount of food, picking the right kind, and even which people food to add to diets.
  3. Obesity in Cats In recent years, Feline Diabetes Mellitus has become almost a daily diagnosis in animal hospitals all across America. Research reported on by iPawz shows that cats who are obese are more at risk for this and many other diseases. Speculation as to why, as well as what readers can do about it are shared.
  4. Successful Weight Loss in Pets Dr. Larry often writes about the Grumpy Old Lady in the blog Scratchings and Sniffings. However, a standout entry is his true story on how pets and people can team up in their weight loss efforts. He also offers many similar stories on the blog.
  5. Cat Health Linked to Social Status of Owners Did you know that obese people often own obese animals? Veterinarian Eric Barchas answers questions, tells stories, and gives commentary on this issue and many others in the Vetblog for Dogster. He even gives a related link at the end of the article.
  6. Weight Loss in Cats The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is full of tips and tricks to help your pet slim down. With a special download for cats, you can get information on safe weight loss in cats, calculating calories, and advice on how to help your fat cat lose dangerous pounds. Simply click to get it.
  7. Weight Loss in Dogs Not to be outdone, the APOP also has a special download for canines. It includes weight loss, calculating calories, exercise tips, and advice on how to shed those pesky pounds off your pooch. Be sure to visit the main site with loads of other tips and tricks.
  8. Weight Loss in Older Pets Weight loss in pets isn’t always a good thing. As Dr. Dym explains in his blog for Pet Meds, sudden weight loss in pets can be a sign of a more serious condition. He gives other warning signs and tips for owners in the entry.
  9. When Fat and Happy Isn’t The goal of Pet World’s Blog is to take care of your pets with their articles. This one on pet obesity does just that. It examines many of the causes and treatments for obesity.
  10. The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood Buttons was a happy puppy until he was diagnosed with cancer. His owner then launched a holistic campaign, which included many diet and fitness tips, and helped the dog live for an additional eleven years. Also a book of the same name, this blog has loads of tips on holistic health for your pet.

Please consult your veterinarian before making any drastic changes to your pet’s diet or exercise plan as shown in the above 25 tips and tricks to help your pets slim down. Only he or she knows your pet’s history and can help choose a responsible weight loss program.