Advocacy for animal rights has been in existence for a while, but with the growth of the internet, activism has sky rocketed immensely. While many people are unaware of the animal cruelties present in today’s society, bloggers have used the internet as an outlet to create awareness. Charles Darwin once said, “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man,” and many of these top 45 bloggers would agree.

These 45 blogs are well versed in this realm, and most of all, are passionate about animal advocacy. Animal advocates believe that animals have their own rights, just as humans do, and these top 45 blogs have set out to create awareness, reform, and change.

General Information and News Top 7:

  1. Animal Rights Blog – Focused on educating the general public on animal rights and protection, Animal Rights Blog is a general forum for anyone to post their thoughts and concerns on animal rights.
  2. Abolitionists Aprroach – Animal Rights, the Abolitionist Approach is a blog dedicated to “promoting the abolition of animal exploitation and rejecting the regulation of animal exploitation.” Their mission also regards veganism as the moral baseline of the animal rights position. An informative blog with an extensive book and video collection for any interested in the topic.
  3. Geari – Geari, The Group for Education of Animal-Related Issues, is a news-resource blog that is currently trying to create awareness every day. As a research-based site, the ultimate goal of this blog is to encourage people to do more research on the issues related to animal rights.
  4. Change – A sector of, Animal Rights is a great blog that has created awareness in the form of petitions. They have an extensive list of petitions in the works (available for all to sign), as well as the option for anyone to create his/her own petition. There is also an extensive “topic” list that ranges from animal abuse to veganism.
  5. Animal Rights – The Animal Rights Blog is a collection of various news articles and posts regarding the latest trends on animal rights. From lab testing to the latest animal-rights lawsuits, this site has it covered.
  6. Deep Roots Sanctuary – Deep Roots Animal Sanctuary is an animal rights blog that has focused on not only controlling animal abuse, but saving endangered species as well. With an extensive archives list, the blogroll provides an array of topics.
  7. Liberal Road – The Liberal Road Blog is a blog that focuses on individual freedom and equality, and has a special section that pertains to animal rights. While this blog has extensively researched many facets on animal rights, this blog mainly focuses on the inhumane testing of animals.

Ethics Top 10:

  1. Animal Ethics – Animal Ethics: Philosophical Discussion of the Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals, is an open discussion on animal ethics. Creating and stirring debates, this site has both sides of the argument covered.
  2. – A blog composed of small blurbs from various animal rights articles. If you’re looking for a quick summary or a snippet of information, this site is worth a visit.
  3. Animal Rights Collective – Animal Rights Corrective Blog seeks to educate and encourage people to act by giving them by the truth about the atrocities committed against animals. While it covers all realms of animal abuse, there is ample information on how society force animals to suffer for their unnecessary consumption and grotesque forms of entertainment.
  4. Change – Another sect of, Animals is an equally advocating site for animal rights. This particular source has more news articles and up to date information regarding various petitions.
  5. Animal Rights Movement – The goal of this page is to educate those that are unaware of the cruelties performed on animals in the areas of food, entertainment, science, and clothing. While they are not trying to pronounce meat-eaters (and the like) as evil-doers, they are just trying to create awareness for the matter.
  6. Way of Cats – Way of Cats: Stopping Animal Cruelty Through Political Action is a cat-niche blog that uses politics as a segway to gain press and exposure to animal cruelty. While cats may not be the most common animals that are abused, these cat lovers are out to save any and every kind of animal possible.
  7. Veg Blog – The Veg Blog is a of a former meat-lover turned vegetarian turned vegan. This Virginia man explains his food choices, the background on animal meats, and why more people should go vegan.
  8. The Business Ethics Blog – A Business Ethics blogger, Lauren Bloom writes about the ethics of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. While circuses have had a reputation for the unethical treatment of animals, Bloom has studied how the craft of entertainment still seems to triumph over rescuing the animals.
  9. Food Ethics – Chris MacDonald’s food ethics blog is about following food from the farm to the table, making sure that ethics have been considered each step of the way. A well written blog that maintains topics from organic agriculture, to ethical food consumerism.
  10. Esteban Rivas – Esteban Rivas is a psychologist and philosopher from the Netherlands, who gives his expert opinion on animal ethics who has worked in science and with animals. With a background in animal cognition and animal consciousness, this professor knows his stuff when it comes to animal ethics.

Location Top 5:

  1. Animal Rights Cambridge – This Animal Rights blog , Animal Rights Cambridge is based out of Cambridge and is the longest standing animal rights group in the UK. This group address any and all animal rights issues, starting locally and working towards going globally.
  2. Montreal Dog Blog – Montreal’s Dog Blog started as a dog blog, but has expanded into the issues regarding animal rights. Creator Nat Lauzon is passionate about enforcing animal cruelty laws, and has done a great job of connecting Montreal animal rights activists. Find informative, daily articles written by a passionate and dedicated team of bloggers, many who work in animal rescue themselves.
  3. Animal Rights Florida – Based out of Florida, Animal Rights Florida is maintained by the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. It serves as a forum for connecting Floridians who care about animal protection, while providing local news and information regularly.
  4. Animal Interrupted – Animal interrupted is a well-groomed blog with many updates on current animal-activist material items. With a heavy emphasis on veganism, this blog brings you the latest and greatest in all things vegan.
  5. Animal Rights Korea – Korea Animal Rights Activists is a group of people living in Korea who believe that animals should be respected as sentient beings. They believe that animals have as much right as humans have to live on this planet, without suffering and tyranny. KARA is involved with various protests and encourages any animal-lover to get involved.

Animal Rights Law Top 6:

  1. Florida Animal Law – Florida Animal Law specifically follows animal rights laws in Florida. While they cover national issues and current events, this particular site is pinpointed to Florida specifics.
  2. AG and Food Law – This blog is a great resource for learning everything that has to do with animal rights legislation. As part of the American Agriculture Law Association, this blog focuses closely on agricultural issues.
  3. Pet Law Blog – This blogger is an attorney and animal lover (not necessarily in that order). The author, Heidi, practices companion animal law, and hopes to educate anyone out there about animal law. Even if you are not interested in practicing animal law, it is worth a look to see some interesting animal rights cases.
  4. Animal Earth Human – Animal Earth Human’s goal is to help Humans see animals in society. Based out of Lebanon, this site stands up for its beliefs and hopes and offers a political points of view as well.
  5. Farm Policy – Farm Policy does not solely focus on animal rights legislation, but it has a heavy emphasis on agricultural laws that pertain to animal rights. This is a high-tech blog with many updates that will keep any interested party in the loop.
  6. FDA Law – The FDA Law Blog summarizes the US Food and Drug Administration’s latest progress and setbacks) for animal rights. This blog is written by two attorneys who work for the largest US firm dedicated food and drug law.

Cruelty Top 6:

  1. Stop Animal Abuse – Stop Animal Abuse is a blog that features recent articles and events involving animal abuse. While this is not an upbeat blog for animal lovers, it is an unfortunate necessary blog to convey the atrocities involving animal abuse.
  2. Animals Need Help – Animals Need Help is a blog that encourages the adoption and ethical treatment of formerly abused animals. Although every animal cannot be saved, this blog provides many available ways to help out or adopt animals.
  3. PETCO Scoop – PETCO Scoop, of PETCO, has a special section that is dedicated to keeping animals (mainly pets) safe and free of harm. This blog’s section is dedicated to creating awareness and encouraging all loving pet-owners to do their duty to prevent animal cruelty.
  4. Taking on Animal Cruelty – Taking on Animal Cruelty is a blog that has set out to stop the silence of animal cruelty. While many choose to ignore this awful occurrence, this blog would like to create awareness that will lead to the prevention of animal cruelty.
  5. Romina Chirre – Romina Chirre’s blog is based around animal cruelty, but specifically takes a deeper look into fur farms, animal trapping, hunting and animal testing.
  6. Voice Against Cruelty – Spread Your Voice Against Animal Cruelty is a blog that uses celebrity faces and voices in order to create awareness. They have found specific celebrities, like Leona Lewis, to act as a spokeswoman to gain awareness.

PETA Top 6:

  1. PETA – The PETA Files is an informative source for daily information about PETA’s various campaigns, their breaking news about victories, and their new initiatives to help animals, and animal rights across the globe. Updated often, this site is your go-to source for anything current.
  2. PETA2 – Peta2 is a PETA inspired blog, following PETA’s latest initiatives. Peta2 has a “College” section that primarily focuses on ways for students to get involved in animal rights projects. Because college students are generally more inclined to become active in protests and “movements,” Peta2 has done a great job soliciting to the right crowds.
  3. PETA Asia Pacific – PETA Asia-Pacific, Hot and Sour Scoop, is PETA’s blog based out of Asia. Representing the same issues as all PETA groups worldwide, this group acts locally and thinks globally.
  4. PETA UK
  5. – PETA UK is a great resource for all things PETA, but shines with their section entitled “Animals, not ours to…” This section has a new feature for each update from anything to “eat,” “wear,” and “use for entertainment.”

  6. Farm USA – Farm USA’s Farm Blog is PETA-focused, and has specific section dedicated to farm animal abuse and prevention. Updated frequently, this blog is an excellent resource for all things farm-animal related.
  7. Animal Welfare Approved – Animal Welfare Approved is a blog is divided into sections for Farmers, consumers, and standards; so that the average person may see the process of an animal’s life on the farm from start to finish.

Animal Testing Top 5:

  1. Science – This Science Blog has an interesting take on animal tasting’s pros and cons. While animal advocates are against cruel testing on animals, this article shows the end results of testing (for animals and the human’s benefit).
  2. Science Digestive – Dean Burnett’s blog, Science Digestive, gives a neuroscientist’s view on animal testing. A supporter of animal testing, he defends his views and supportive reasons for doing so. Whether or not you agree with animal testing, this blog is worth a visit for the scientific facts.
  3. Tim Ginn – Tim Ginn’s post on animal testing gives a great list of household and everyday items that perform animal testing. From toothpaste to deodorant, you will be unpleasantly surprised at the animal-tested items you’re using.
  4. Liberation BC – Liberation Blog BC shares a well-written post on the history of animal testing for scientific purposes. The ADAV (The Animeal Defense and Antivivsectionsection) Society is over 100 years old and is based out of Vancouver. Check out this blog for some informative pieces.
  5. Paramer – Parhamer’s Blog is dedicated to the discussion of animal testing’s positive results for human beings. While there is a hearty section on the inhumane tests for cosmetic purposes, Parhamer does a nice job convincing the reader that there are positive effects to animal testing for humans.

BONUS! 5 Great Reads for the Animal Advocate:

  1. Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White. Charlotte’s Web is a great children’s book that still strikes a cord with adults. It is animal advocacy at its finest, as the young Fern convinces her father to spare the life of a young pig. From here there is a beautiful story about animals, love, and human-animal coexistence.
  2. Thanking the Monkey; Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals, by Karen Dawn.
    A brilliant, well-researched book regarding all animal rights issues (testing, eating, entertainment, etc.). Dawn manages to write about a controversial topic with a sense of humor.
  3. Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism, by Melanie Joy. This book gives you s psychologist’s point of view of the human’s response to loving some animals, eating some animals, and wearing some animals. Joy provides the reader with many questions as to why humans separate animals into categorical uses.
  4. Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer. A newcomer to the realm of animal advocacy, Foer explores the ins and outs of current animal welfare. From personal anecdotes to his recent research, Foer does a good job exploring the topic of using animals for food.
  5. Irreconcilable Differences, by Nathan J. Winograd. This book has a different take on animal advocacy, as it is about euthanizing pets in animal shelters across the country. The book addresses the issues of euthanization for unadopted pets, and the struggle to change these practices.