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Installing Your New Custom Kitchen cabinet Doors. Once you have unpacked your new replacement cabinet doors the have the option to hang them within the cabinet, or as I would recommend is to paint or stain them off of the display case cases. This allows for the best likely coverage and the most professional looking job. Also install the hinges after everything is undoubtedly painted or stained in order to avoid unwanted finish build up on the hinges and drawer tutorials. That is the true mark of a professional finishing job no paint or finish within the cabinet hardware. A great way to construct your new cabinet doors needed for painting or staining is to set up a few saw race horses and place some 2 populace 2 or 2 populace 4 across them. You may opt to paint or apply them on these saw horses or you can squirt each door one at a time and place them on the saw horse to dry, allowing each side to dry before flipping or recoating

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